Monday, October 17, 2011

Battle for Salvation and Comic Con

That's a photo of me at New York Comic Con this past weekend.  Perhaps I was reflecting on my 2-4 record at the Battle for Salvation?  Regardless, my shitty Big Bird suit provided a 5+ armor save, but the puddles of New York "mystery street water" were ap 1. 

First, the Battle for Salvation. 

I attended this year's BfS, marking the one-year anniversary of my foray into Grand Tournaments.  I have to say, this event was by far the most enjoyable GT I have attended so far.  It was great to see all the players from the NYC area I have come to know over the last year, and the "intimate" GT setting of only 60 players made for a truly personable event.  One effect that having so few players had, was free-up extra table space.  Because the gaming tables could be spread out, there was actually space between every gaming area to place army display boards and gaming supplies.  In my previous GT experiences, I have found myself in pain from repeatedly bending under a table to retrieve models from the display board.  While I know that some people use carts to support their collections, my 98 honda civic just can't accommodate the size of cart that would be needed to provide stability.  So for me, the extra space was a true godsend.

As I said previously, my record for the event was 2 wins and 4 losses.  Considering my 2 wins and 6 losses at NOVA, I have improved!  Sort of!  I had a blast, and really enjoyed all of my games.  I was lucky enough to play Joe Johnson, the painter behind the soft-shaded orange and purple Salamanders army that has been sweeping up "best painted" trophies up and down the east coast.  I think we spent a good portion of our game talking about painting, rather than rolling dice.  I also had the pleasure of getting stomped by Sean Kemp of Da Boyz and the US ETC.  Battlewagon Orks finally achieved what no army had done before:  blocking off my webway portal.  Alas!

If there is one thing I took from this year's BfS tournament, it is a feeling of camaraderie.  I feel a bit less silly about spending time and money tucked away in my studio, when I see that I am not alone.  I finally got to meet Tordeck, and mull over my confusion of missing the Toy Wiz vet nights...  I got to show the 11th co guys the backwoods of NJ...  and I wound up walking away with the "Best Converted" trophy for my Steam-Engine Dais of Destruction.  All in all, a great gaming weekend!

Now, Comic Con...

This past Saturday, my girlfriend and I went to the New York Comic Con.  She bought the tickets and set the date, as a friend of hers was planning on cosplaying her way into Mark Hammil's presence.  I thought that I may as well go in costume too, and I just so happen to own what I would call a "Shitty Big Bird" suit.  This thing is filthy.  Think grass stains and chili spots.  Regardless, the suit is an old stand-by for my Halloween adventures, and I thought it would be a good time.  I had no idea what I was in for. 

From the sweat to the chafing, a full-body costume is not for the weak of stamina.  The day went in many directions.  At one point, I found myself dancing to Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi", surrounded by flashing cameras and a loving public.  Another moment of the day involved me being interviewed on live Japanese television.  You need to understand, I had nothing to do with any of this, it was all about how people reacted to the suit and the character of Big Bird on its own.  Anyway, here are some of my favorite pics:

And I'll form the head!

Work Shed.

This guy didn't actually have any candy in his van.

I think this is called a mis-pack.

Hope you enjoyed the pics!


  1. Lol you had a big bird costume and didn't tell anybody?

  2. I think the Darth Vader Package is the best pic of the lot.

  3. LOL, looks like you had fun. Did your girlfriend's friend achieve here goal?

  4. Neil: I figured you guys were freaked out enough as is, what with the invisible girlfriend and puppet theater cats. There is a lot I didn't advertise. :D

    Old Shatter Hands: Thanks!

    CounterFett: Pedo-bear is a close second.

    HuronBH: Yes Jay, she got a very sad photo with a dream-crushingly aged Mark Hammil. It's like seeing the Santa suit in your parent's closet.

  5. Thanks for the shout out(though we did technically meet last year at Conflict lol), was good to see ya again and finally see the Fursaken in the flash so to speak.

    Congrats on the Best Conversion Trophy. I didnt have the chance to stay around and see the awards ceremony.

    Hope to see you at Conflict again, (though unless you finish another project by then it might be difficult to scale the Fursaken back to 1750)

  6. Substitute Big bird for banana suit.