Thursday, March 3, 2011

Plastic Card and Woe

Last summer, I chose to enter the world of carved plastic, and so called "scratch-built" models.

I have written an article over at Blood of Kittens that documents my experiences.  Take a look!

As for Ten Inch Template, my hobby work is beginning to resume, with the recovery of my eye.  I should have some progress to show in the near future.  As for my hiatus from the regular schedule, I have to say that it was a well-needed break.  As much as I love this hobby, and sharing my progress with all of my online friends, I had begun to feel less compelled to post, and more obliged.  I cannot afford to allow my miniatures hobby to become a burden, so I may need to post with more of a focus on casual expression than professional rigor.  I already have a job, and this is supposed to be the relaxing part of my day.  That said, NOVA is only a few months away, and I have plenty of models to work on... professionally...   =D


  1. Glad to see you back and that the eye has healed up. Did it hold you back on getting work done on the Dark Skaven or do gots some updates for us? Its a fantastic project so far and I'm really looking forward to updates.

  2. I hear ya, dude. I spent a good year posting nearly every day and nowadays I'm posting like once a week...of course a little baby named Lily might have something to do with that.

    NOw I post only when I am compelled.

  3. Tordeck: I got very little done in Feb, but then in January I surpassed my expected accomplishments by a VERY large margin. Things look on track for NOVA.

    Old Shatter Hands: I can only imagine the time-sink that is a family. I feel as though gamers with children deserve a %10 points increase to their list max, to make up for lost sleep.

  4. Glad to hear you're recovering. Sometimes a little break is necessary.

  5. Glad to hear that you're healing. On the 10% points thing though, when do we have the time to build and paint those extra points? :)

  6. Hudson, that is what your kids are for... at least the building part.

    Dan, good to have you back and glad you were able to take a break. Anything can feel like a job once you feel obligated to do it. Just know that while we like updates and pics of projects, we will still be here if they only show up occasionally instead of every day.

    I'm looking forward Nova, should be a crazy event. What do you think of the army Jawaballs is preparing, his BA Vampires? Could be a challenge to our Hobby Challenge.

  7. Hudson: You have slave labor at your disposal. Use it. =D

    Huron BH: Nova will be a blast. I may well be there throughout the invitational as well, due to my travelling partner being a part of it (Jorge Ruiz).

    As for Jawaballs, the WIP stuff he posted looks great. While it's not a stretch to see Jawaballs paint red armor in his trademark fashion, the conversions he has done are certainly new territory for him.

    I am glad to see horizons broadening across the blogosphere. More freedom of expression, means more inspiration to others, which means more freedom of expression, which means more inspiration etc.

    As someone who spends far more time modeling than playing, I am very happy with the direction the hobby is moving. While I am still going to hold-true to my GW bits only policy, I think that the hobby is on the verge of a true renaissance. Kudos to the first Slann army I see.

  8. Dan, having read your article over there, I've got to say when you're next looking for plasticard to build with, try this:

    40"x72" sheet of 1mm (.040) polystyrene (plasticard) for $13 is nothing to sneeze at, it's a sizeable discount over almost anything else.