Monday, November 7, 2016

Kooler than your Killer Robot

Voltron plus Devastator divided by Mad Max.

Every giant killer robot deserves a meat-grinder butt.

The model consists of primary parts from 13 different model kits, drilled-out and strung onto a skeleton made from two wire coat hangers.  Each limb is built from at least two vehicles, wheeled, winged, tracked or legged.  The torso is a land raider, the backpack is a turret from a baneblade, housing the 9 volt battery for the led eye.  The feet, lifta, claw, deffkannon, face, head and exhaust piping are all from the GW big mek stompa.  The chin/jaw and grinder-butt are from the battlewagon kit.

It was a bit tricky to model him mid-stride, but I was able to use stacks of washers inside of his feet to help weigh-down the anchors.

He towers over the convoy, at 19" tall.

"And I'll form the head!"