Sunday, June 22, 2014

My game of 7th edition Warhammer 40k.






  1. Nice Renegades! Are you using the IG Codex (whatever the new name is...) or some other list (Forge World?)

  2. I played my first game of 7th edition this weekend as well, a 2v2 game. We summoned a greater daemon of Tzeentch on turn 1, and our opponent summoned about 2 Tzeentch heralds and a pack of flesh hounds on their turn 1. Kinda ridiculous. But overall I like this "edition" (more like a rules update with an expansion set tacked on). I took a hiatus during 6th but I expect to play a lot more games of 7th...might even attend a tournament or two.

    Working on Dark Eldar, updates on my blog some point this week.

  3. Tim and Dan, both expect invites to the BFS Masters (Painting) Invitational soon for October Columbus day weekend.

  4. BTW Tim i agree 100 %. I was almost done with 40k as a whole. 6th imho wasnt so bad untill GW just started to shit out things during Christmas that really made little sence to me or game play in general. While 7th is far from perfect its actually a much better game and ive had alot of fun playing it.

  5. Nice to see you still posting !

    OOhhhh those ultrasmurfs - soooo blue.