Monday, July 9, 2012

Alien Broodlords

Converting Broodlords to fit my Aliens-themed Tyranid list involved pinning, and secreted resin.

Naturally, a secondary mouth-tongue was almost required modeling.  A bit of putty and a sculpting tool gave this mini some character:

This mini was posed in a more "Genestealer-Pounce" style:

The other Broodlords took a bit of creative pinning took make them different from the pack:

All told, I made six separate minis in different poses.  I removed the original Broodlord heads, and replaced them with the standard Tyranid Warrior frill.  I think this makes the models stand-out from the swarm, and give them a sense of "evolved superiority" to the rank and file:



  1. Thanks!

    I didn't want to have six of the same model leading the squads, so I put a tiny bit of effort into re-posing them.