Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Assembly-Line Painting

Finalizing the color scheme to the Kabal of the Fursaken recently took an odd turn.  While the colors and treatments have all been selected at this point, I found myself spending an inordinate amount of time planning an army-wide assembly-line plan of attack.

The first step was to write a list of all the colors and treatments I will use, and the order in which they will be used.  This order was then applied to the army as a whole.  For example, when I get to the rust-metal stage, every part of the army will receive that treatment before moving on to the next step.  While this plan may not yield fast results, it should certainly speed-up the process, as well as force a unified visual presentation.

The only real issue I found in writing out this plan, was one of the important model elements is going to be varied across the army:  fur.  With 50 Wyches in the army, these "lower-ranking" rats need to be presented with a variety of shades of fur.  While I know these photos communicate little about the finished project, at the very least you can see that I actually am applying the assembly-line format to the entire project.

Working the "fur stage" into the paint order, I have begun painting the army as a whole.  It feels great to be plowing through the models, and working with the colors has really drawn me in to the project.  It is a bit strange to look at the collection, and see a whole army %10 painted.  Not just %10 of the army, but %10 of each model.  Kinda strange.  While happy to finally be at work on the army, I find the creative part of my mind wondering again.  And so, I have begun working-out the details and plan for the army's display board.  The plans I have are a bit involved, and I have quite a bit of work to do...

Only a few short weeks of school left to go.  Grading final exams is certainly looming, but then so is the freedom of painting models full-time over the summer.  I think last summer, I spent the first three days of my vacation finishing off my Space Hulk set.  Who knows how much progress this year's emancipation will bring.

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