Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Painted Skaven / Dark Eldar Prototype

Locking-down a color scheme is not always easy, but luckily I have a test-market known as "the internets".

As I bring my Kabal of the Fursaken into the painting stage of completion, I find myself struggling with color choices.  I have a good idea how to present the fur, metal and cloth of my Dark Eldar / Skaven, although I am just a touch concerned that I may be heading into "muddy colors" territory with so much neutral.   However, what REALLY has been a struggle for me, was just how to differentiate each of my five Wych squads.  The remainder of my army looks so unique that I don't think it will be confusing, but multiple squads of the same unit-type can sometimes overlap in assaults.  What to do?

After conferring with some of my friends, I think I may have found a solution.  I have been exploring the use of colored flock in patches on the bases, as a sort of additional “spot color”.  Toxic sewers, after all, would certainly have a variety of different colored fungus growing in them.  Each of the five Wych squads would have their own unique lichen/flock spot color, so the squads can be differentiated.  As always, I would be interested in hearing what you think about the color choices, and demarcation!

As for my photo above, I just took that quickly last night before going to bed, so no lightbox/tripod at the moment.  I did however take a short video, and below you will find my first experiment with posting video on my blog.  The video looks a LOT less focused on the blog, and much more clear on my iPhone.  Damn you compression!  Either way, you guys at least get to see a full 360 of my conversion, painted.  The combat drug injector on his back seems ok, and the warpstone-tipped darts of the splinter pistol also came out to my liking.  However, I am far too close to my project to judge it objectively, so I would appreciate any input.  That this grainy, blurry video can garner.  =(


  1. You know my opinion. Looking forward to seeing what you do with your vehicles next.

  2. Looking good! The different flock is a good way, especially if easily seen from above (like looking down at a multi-unit combat). Different tubing colors could be another way.

  3. Nice! Now do it 350 more times..... :P

    Are you going to make Rat Ogre war machines for the Talos/Kronos too? Cuz that'd be wicked cool. Of course, the Fursaken also need jet fighter to tool around in, too. :)

  4. Looking sweet, nice to see some paint on the Skeldar, Daven, Dark Skaven?

    Anyway, I'm enjoying the blog.

  5. HuronBH: I may paint all of the infantry first, but as soon as I get some Reavers painted, I will get some pictures posted.

    sonsoftaurus: Thanks! I used colored tubes on the backpack of my Vraksian Militia, and was pleased with the result. In that case, the tube was fairly small, and hidden on the back of the model, whereas in this case the tube is a bit too central for me to want a bright colored component. I like the top-down color code flock will give me, while maintaining the integrity of the model's unifying color scheme.

    Das Reich: Thank you!

    #2501: I actually enjoy the assembly-line paint experience; call me sick. While my collection was supposed to be limited to this specific army list, I have certainly felt the urge to build some Hellpit Abomination Parasite engines, and those Plague Monks would be a great place to start for Wracks. Not to mention the obvious Rat Ogre Grotesques. I have also considered modeling Venoms as tunneling devices, based on the top half of an upside-down Drop Pod, topped with parts from the Doom-Flayer. It could work...

    Mr Saturday: Yeah, I don't know what to say either. Rat Eldar? Dark Skaven? I was relieved just to come up with "The Kabal of the Fursaken".

  6. Keep up the amazing work.

    And if you get time in your busy schedule take a gander at the newest and only forum dedicated to only the Dark Eldar.

    We would love to see some of your work over there.